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is that gerard way?

listen. just because the guy in the pic is emo doesn’t mean he is Gerard Way. i’m so sick of these comparisons. grow the fuck up, guys.

Ummm…well besides the fact that that IS Gerard Way, I have nothing to comment…

I did not want this to get personal. But this Basement Emo is my brother Pablo and this was the first time he left the house on our family trip to the Grand Canyon. i think it’s really sad and disrespectful that you insist on this Gerard Way comparison. Not every Emo is Gerard Way and that is an oppressive attitude to have. If i Go dye my hair black and wear Eyeliner will I be Gerard Way? No. Go take a hard look in the mirror and think about The Filth you are spreading on the internet.

bs cuz it actually is gerard way cause I can tell by his facial features so stop making up lies for attention pls k thx.

Pacho is my brother, i will Defend his Honor until the day of my Death “c0ttoncandylips” if that IS your real name. Pacho’s facial features are his own. Absolutely horrified. This is the Cyber Bullying.

this is actually the worst troll I’ve ever seen in the history of the world. seriously. first of all my real name is totally REALLY “c0ttoncandylips”  second of all pacho. sure. go post another picture of this “pacho” if he really is your brother. and third of all, I’m not being a cyber bully I’m being sarcastic? AGAIN, worst troll ever. oh, also I’d like to point out the fact that you said his name was PABLO at first and now you’ve changed it to PACHO. I find it really sad you can’t decide what your own brothers name is.

i did not say That Thing please stop you are upsetting Pedro he has cried away all of his eyeliner and torn down his Posters.

harry potter + sass

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Optimus Alive 2014 credit: Marta Ribeiro


NOS Alive, Oeiras, 10.07.2014





a true inspiration


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i think the lesson of this photoset is to check yo muthafuckin math calculations before u hand the test in bc sometimes u need to check shit twice before u realize whats up (x)

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