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Favorite Fictional Characters | Peeta Mellark; The Hunger Games
Having an eye for beauty isn’t the same thing as weakness. Except possibly when it comes to you.”

Josh, do you bake like your character?

Josh: Yeah some, I haven't in a while. But I can bake.
Liam: I came to his room and he's literally baking and I'm like ...
Josh: "What is happening? Stop you're Josh ... this isn't Peeta!"
Liam: "This is weird man."
Josh: I make these things called "Cake Balls" that are incredible. You bake a cake and then you put it in a bowl and mush it up, mix it with icing and put it on a stick in balls and put on candy coating.
Liam: And I was hunting for my food the entire time.
Josh: He went method on us. Where's Liam?
Liam: Oh, he's hunting for his dinner